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How to subscribe to FINTIA?

FINTIA is an e-mail-group for Indians staying/working in Finland, Sweden and Estonia. In the word FINTIA, F stands for Finland and INTIA is the Finnish translation for INDIA.

This group has been formed to bring Indians together, share information and to have a medium where all Indians can communicate. FINTIA is purely non-profit group and does not make any money out of this group.

FINTIA membership is FREE! Any Indian citizen staying/working in Finland, Sweden and Estonia can join FINTIA. You should have an e-mail account so that you can read/post messages at FINTIA group. Preferably, please use Yahoo e-mail address.

In order to become FINTIA member, you must be residing in Finland, Sweden or Estonia.

Send e-mail to with your following details:

  1. Your Full Name
  2. Your Nationality
  3. Your E-mail address
  4. Name of the City & Country where you are currently located

After sending your subscription request with above details, please kindly check your email account. FINTIA may ask for more information from you. Your information is used for subscription purpose only and it will be kept strictly confidential and will not be share with anybody.

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